Are You Struggling With Hip or Knee Pain That’s Impacting Your Quality of Life?

Are You Struggling With Hip or Knee Pain That’s Impacting Your Quality of Life?

  • Are you struggling with hip or knee pain that’s making it difficult to work or sleep?

  • Maybe friends have noticed you limping, or your family have commented on how slow your walking is?

  • Perhaps you’ve been told that you have hip or knee arthritis and are looking for an expert hip and knee surgeon in Leeds?

If so, I can help.

I’m Jeya Palan, I’m a Leeds Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon, and I help people who have hip and knee arthritis.

My aim is to help you lead an active, pain-free life, ideally without the need for surgery, but if joint replacement surgery is the best option for you, you’ll be in very good hands.

I’m an NHS Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Chapel Allerton Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary, and in my Private Practice, I specialise solely in hip replacements and knee replacements.

Mr Palan works at:

  • Spire Leeds Hospital: Jackson Ave, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 1NT. Telephone: 0113 269 3939
  • The Huddersfield Hospital – Circle Health Group: Birkby Hall Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD2 2BL. Telephone: 01484 810521

Looking for a second opinion?

As a patient, getting a better understanding of what can help your hip or knee arthritis, and whether surgery is right for you, can sometimes feel a little daunting.

If you’re looking into having surgery, you may naturally have concerns or worries about what the experience will be like, how you’ll cope, and how long it will take you to recover.

You may be looking for guidance about what is the right kind of surgery for you, and when, if at all, surgery should take place.

My goal is to help you explore all your options, and give you the very best advice, so that you feel confident, happy and fully informed in your decision making.

Let’s Improve Your Quality of Life TODAY!

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At Roundhay Park Clinic, we want to help you make that choice and show you why we are different.
We want you to have confidence through our results.

What My Patients Say

Thinking of ‘Going Private’?

NHS waiting list times for hip and knee replacement surgery have significantly extended since the COVID 19 pandemic. If you’re currently facing a long wait for joint replacement surgery, self-funding your treatment will enable you to swiftly get out of pain and get back to being active.

Many patients choose to ‘go-private’ and are delighted that they invested in their health. If you have private health insurance, joint replacement surgery will typically be covered by your policy, but of course, do check with your insurer.

If you’re struggling with hip or knee arthritis and are looking for help or advice from an experienced and friendly surgeon, I’m here to help.